Friday, July 25, 2014

Skin: Black Lotus [STD | Taiko | CTB | Mania]

Black Lotus by [cocoa] (banned?!?!) is great skin that could be alternative to default Osu! skin (wink wink Peppy...). As "pro" gameplay skin I wouldn't recommend this because it has those "hit300.png" but if someone likes them it's ok and after little modification you can make this skin perfect for "pro" gameplay.
I will post later how to do that. I really like this interface that this skin gives, it so clear and modern. UI sounds are also nicely made and they fit in perfectly. Cursor is visible above hitcircles but at spinner it is hard to see where the cursor is spinnin, if at all...

Taiko, Mania and Catch The Beat skinnings are nicely made and they are WAY better than the original ones (sorry Daru)

Thing that I really like in this skin is ranking panel, just look at that dollar over there, XD

This skin doesn't include extra elements or PSD files, which is sad.

+ Clear
+ Simple
+ Modern

- Not "pro" skin
- Cursor not visible at spinner

Black Lotus

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