Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skin: Black 2014 [HD/SD] [Standard]

Black 2014 by Azer and Quanteck is minimalistic skin that is for gaming, so it doesn't have any fancy effects. It's color scheme is very dark so if you like dark color, this is your skin. Hitcircles are made to be clear so it's easy to play with. Hitsounds are (my opinion) best possible for this skin, they are clear to hear and that miss sound isn't annoying like someones. Spinner is visible, but (again) may look weird for new player, because those spikes (I don't hate spikes but still...) make the effects, but that might also be good thing for someone.

This skin doesn't include any extra content and never will because stopped supported but it includes PSD files for those who want to customise this skin (WHO?!)

+ Clear
+ Simple
+ Perfect hitsounds
+ Colors

- No extra content
- Selection bar not very visible


Black 2014

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