Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skin: Phaze - HD/SD [Standard/Mania]

This is my first Osu! Skin Review, so here we go.

Phaze by HazrdMC is simple skin for every kind of player.
Hitsounds are clear and cursor is visible above hitcircles so it isn't hard to play. There isn't any special effects in this skin, so you won't get distracted by them. Spinner might be little bit hard to see if you are beginner at Osu!, because those spikes may look weird for new player.

This skin doesn't (yet) include any extra content like cursors or things like that, but you can download another version of this skin with solid hitcircles.

+ Clear
+ Simple
+ Hitsounds

- Spinner (just for beginners)
- No additional content

Phaze1.5 Solid Hit Circles

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